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Learning assignment #4


An self evaluation of my plan: 

  • Structure of the implementation:

The structure is consistent.

  • The needs of the selected target group:

As target group is organization/workplace in the public sector, the security of the social media-tool and the following the GDPR-rules are important.

  • How selected tools and environments fit together:

Advertising and promoting are not necessary in the public sector, but it is important to do teamwork and communicate and distribute the right information openly inside as well as outside the organization. 

As organization’s social media tools should be safe to use, the Teams and Yammer are good choices. Office 365 -tools has been proven safe to use, so Teams- and Yammer -tools are also safe to use.

Teams and Yammer are also versatile tools and easy to use. There is many possibilities to communicate and share information and files via Teams and Yammer. They are very good tools in teamwork and projects.

  • How to improve the content of the implementation in the future and what new ways there is to utilize Social media:

Maybe in the future the customer service can be done through social media. In social media the chatbots (robots) can answer to the customer’s repeated questions, so real employees get more time to answer to the customer’s new and difficult questions. Social media tools can be utilized for communication by writing (chatting) and also by videocontact.

Also in the future, organization can start using LinkedIn to help of recruiting and Twitter for sharing information.

  • Constraints between Social media and chosen organization:

As my organization is in public sector and there is also big issues with the security of data, it is not so simple to get social media in use. At first should make sure that using social media is datasafe. Using organization’s social media shoud be safe also when working outside of office.


Peer evaluation of two other blogs (done 4.8.2019):

  • I evaluated blog
  • I think the blog was very clear and nicely done. Sari has put a lot of work into the blog. 
  • The answers to learning assignments 1-4 can be found from the blog.
  • In my opinion Sari’s implementation plan is feasible. Plan’s name is "Extreme Crochets" and it’s made for preparing for participation in the Crochet 2020 Biennale in London September 2020. In the plan the association uses Trello for project management and planning, discussions and sharing, and Google Drive for saving and sharing files. Trello can be used either on the web or with a desktop or mobile application.
  • Also self-evaluation seems quite good to me. 



  • I also evaluated blog
  • I think this blog was also very consistent and properly done. Also Jussi has put a lot of work into the blog. 
  • The answers to the learning assignments 1-4 can be found from the blog.
  • Jussi's implementation plan was interesting: Succeeding as Content creator by using Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Yeah, it can be possible to succeed by help of these platforms. Some people have succeeded. It's important that the content is fascinating. 
  • Jussi's self-evaluation was missing. 

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Learning assignment #3

My plan on how to use social media tools in organization's teamwork (in public sector)

It is important to have a good social media tool for teamwork in organization. Advertising and promoting are not necessary in the public sector, but it is important to do teamwork and communicate and distribute the right information openly inside as well as outside the organization. Organization’s social media tools should be also easy to use and data secure.

Selecting social media tools for my organization

The organization's social media tools will be implemented as an Office 365 cloud service; the Teams -tool and the Yammer-tool). Office 365 cloud services were chosen because it is widely used (eg. by some financial companies and energy companies) and tested, and thus safe and reliable. The organisation's security requirements have been discussed with the service provider and are recorded in the terms of the agreement. The security practices of the service provider, and the operation in case of disturbances, have been clarified in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Sharing of external and internal information within the organization

Securing the business-critical information is ensured by using different tools for external and internal communication and sharing of information within an organization. Teams -tool can be used in internal communication and closed or hidden Yammer -tool can be used in external communication. In addition the use of Yammer in an organization can be controlled, for example, by a Community director assigned to the task. The Community director ensures that external communication and information shared remain appropriate.

The Teams -tool (Microsoft Office 365, cloud service)

The Teams -tool can be used as organization’s internal social media -tool; teamwork tool and discussion forum for internal organization teams. At the Teams, it is convenient to discuss with your team and to implement a concrete project, including: creating new files and sharing and editing your own files with others, managing and sharing the timetables with others and also sharing the videos or links of the interesting issues with others. Also the team’s and the project’s releases can be done at Teams. The amount of email is reduced with active Teams usage. Missing team members see the discussions at Teams retrospectively and thus are able to update themselves independently. All the relevant information is found in the same place and can be seen by all team members.

The Yammer -tool (Microsoft Office 365, cloud service)

The Yammer -tool can be used as organization’s external social media -tool. Any member of the organization can create external groups of the organization in Yammer, which can include people outside the organization. The group's founder determines whether the group is open or only for the group invited. In teamwork, Like Teams the Yammer is a good tool for discussing and sharing information with others, and for making polls/queries for all team members at the same time. Communicating and sharing files in Yammer reduces the number of emails sent. Missing team members see the conversations at Yammer in retrospectively and thus are able to update themselves independently. All the relevant information is found in the same place and can be seen by all team members.

Data protection and security rules for employees:

  • When employees are communicating in work-related social media, data secure -issues must be taken into account. Employees should protect their own privacy and the privacy of others; collegues and customers.
  • Employees should use work-related e-mail address in work-related social media.
  • Employees should discuss professionally in work-related social media.
  • Employees should not share their private matters, private information from themselves or private opinions in work-related social media.
  •  When working with smart devices outside of the organisation's own secure facilities, particular care should be taken and data protection and data security issues should be taken into account. Smart devices should be carefully looked after. They should not be left unlocked in a place where employee are not present. And employee should not forget or lose the equipment. However, if the device disappears, it must be immediately reported to IT support.
  • It is also safest to use employee’s own personal device on business trips. When using own devices on open networks (eg VR network and hotel networks) when traveling, employee must use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection. VPN connectivity protects devices against eavesdropping and telecom and cyber attacks.
  • Confidential conversation should not be carried out while traveling. For example, in the train, those people sitting  behind to employee, can see the screen of the device sitting in front.
  • Keep your device's operating systems updated and update your programs on time. Only strong passwords should be used as passwords. The same passwords should not be used for different programs and applications.
  • The links and the attachments included in the suspicious messages should not be clicked. Suspicious messages should be reported to IT support. Likewise, if employee accidentally click or suspect that his/her device is already contaminated with malware.



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Learning assignment #2

In this learning assignment we need to examine privacy and confidentiality in social media, digital identity and GDPR/Article 13.


I discussed the forum the subject matter ”FACEBOOK on tämän päivän STASI”:

The discussion concerned, among other things, how Facebook monitors its users and collects information from it’s users and utilizes information in targeting advertising (including Trump's election campaign).

I comment on the matter anonymously with proper behavior, 31.5.2019 11:53. Previous comment was given over a year ago 22.3.2018 15:34. Thus the conversation had already quiet down. 


2 A

When organization uses social media tools, the EU GDPR and Article 13 should be taken into account. Also existing legislation applies to social media communications: kuluttajansuojalaki, laki sopimattomasta menettelystä elinkeinotoiminnassa, henkilötietolaki, sähköisen viestinnän tietosuojalaki, tekijänoikeuslaki, tavaramerkkilaki, työsopimuslaki and rikoslaki.

If privacy is not taken care of, it can cause a lot of harm to victim. Unreliable people can for example steal victim’s identity or use his/her credit card for online shopping.

The introduction of social media in the organization will enhance the company's communication between employees, customers and other stakeholders. By utilizing social media, a company can more easily follow customers' views on how a company operates, and this can help the company develop its own brand. Advertising and promoting are not necessary in the public sector, but it is important to distribute the right information openly outside the organization as well as internally. Customer service can also take place on social media.

Also in the Netherlands, a statistical panel survey showed that communicating on social media channels (eg Facebook, Twitter) increased the good work-experience of employees (Taskinen 2018). 

However, the use of some social media that combine work and leisure time will lead to confusion between different networks, which can pose challenges. Also one person usually can’t create two accounts (work and private) with same personal profile in same social media environment. Utilizing social media in companies can also pose challenges for businesses, because for example, sharing excessive information with social media services can tarnish the company's reputation and pose security risks.


Taskinen 2018. Sosiaalinen media työssä. Luettu 31.5.2019.

Työturvallisuuskeskus. Sosiaalisen median työkäyttö -Työsuojelunäkökulma. Luettu 31.5.2019.


2 B

When I google myself, I don’t find any information about me, except private Facebook pofile. It is possible to delete own Facebook account if needed. Still the information you have shared with the others will remain on the internet.

Your digital identity is how you see yourself and how others see you. It is made up of all permanent information about you, which can be founded from the internet. It is possible that, somebody edits pictures or text that you have published in internet. That’s why people should be very careful what they publishes on internet. It is illegal to publish videos or pictures from other person without his/her permission, for example ”risumies”.  Damaging other person’s identity, is very harmful and unjustifiable.

It is good thing, if you have established a positive digital presence, positive pictures and comments in social media and e-portfolio. That could help you to get a job you are looking for.


2 C

Article 13 (EU GDPR = EU General Data Protection Regulation); Information to be provided where personal data are collected from the data subject.

The strong growth in the processing of personal data, as well as the new technologies used for processing and the threats they pose to the privacy and protection of personal data have marked the whole of 2010.

The EU GDPR has replaced the former Data Protection Directive and, in addition to other amendments, introduced an obligation to show that personal data are processed in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

The goal of GDPR is to strengthen the privacy of the individual and to simplify and harmonize the regulation of international business in the EU.

GDPR concerns also social media, for example, Facebook and Instagram collect personal information from registered users and follow the behavior of registered users on the Internet.

I was wondering if GDPR concerns Facebook and Instagram, which are owned by USA owners. Maybe it would be better use some equivalent service, which is owned by European owner. In the other hand, I hope, that USA and EU have own sober agreement for data protection. 


Eurlex. Read 31.5.2019.

Atea. Tietosuoja. Read 31.5.2019.

There is also other Article 13...

EU Digital Single Market regulation is being reformed. EU copyright reform and Article 17 (formerly 13) of the Directive have raised concerns for censorship, loss of freedom of expression and disappearance of memes.  In this context, the EU Commission has proposed that online platform services must obtain appropriate copyright licenses when providing content uploaded by others to consumers. The platform services must pay the right holders of the content copyright and also, in co-operation with the creators of the content, the right holders, remove any unauthorized content.

In the future, digital Single Market regulation should be taken into acconut by the platform services. The reform will increase costs in the digital market, as online platform services must obtain appropriate copyright licenses when providing content uploaded by others to consumers.  At the same time it will increase the value of creative work and enhance competition in the digital market. And in the future creative workers/artists get their due salary. 

Teosto. Read 17.7.2019.


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Learning assignment #1

In this learning assignment #1, we needed to write about some social media tool or service that we are most familiar with. In addition we needed to get to know some socal media service or environment that is unfamiliar to us.


  1. A)

I am most familiar with Facebook. I joined to Facebook to see my friends' updates and publications by interesting groups.

Facebook is an online advertising-funded community service. The site offers users the opportunity to create a visual user profile and communicate with own friends. It is also possible to join interesting communities on Facebook and for example get information about upcoming events (Lappeenrannan kaupunki -group), share own property (Etelä-Karjalan kirpputori -group) and share points of interests (Lappi-group) . Facebook's business idea is to sell advertisers the opportunity to send targeted advertising to users through the service.

I am not familiar with LinkedIn and Twitter. For me LinkedIn could be useful for finding new, interesting job opportunities and expanding my network. By Twitter I could follow other’s interesting updates and comment them and share my own thoughts.

LinkedIn is a Microsoft-owned online social networking service and networking tool. Users can download their CVs, hobbies and interests, and get recommendations from former managers and colleagues and recommend others. LinkedIn is not actually a job search site, but can be seen as a way to expand your own network and get potential job offers and find the employees you seek.

Twitter is a community and microblogging service that users can send and read each other's Tweets (text messages). On twitter you can follow a certain topic, read news or follow social debate. Journalists follow on Twitter celebrities and politicians who are tweeting a lot. Also there is a lot of use of Twitter in disaster communication, because the information is spreading fastest through social networks, and despite the break of telephone lines and cellular networks there is still a possibility of messaging via Twitter.

  1. B)

For example LUT University publishes the job advertisements in LinkedIn and uses it to find the new employees. 

Tulli and Poliisi uses -platform and own websites to find the new employees.

For example Nokia, Jounin kauppa and LUT University use Twitter and Facebook for communication and in addition to market and promote themselves. Whereas the public sector (Tulli and Poliisi) does not actually need to market and promote themselves through the social media. Tulli and Poliisi use Twitter and Facebook also for communication and sharing information. 

  1. C)

My hobby was the reason why I connected to Instagram and Wodconnect. Now I can see via those applications what is in the program in my hobby today and also I can see other buffs’ updates, pictures and videos. We use hobby-related social media (Facebook, Instagram and Wodconnect) for sharing information and feelings and to inspire each others.

Good example on using social media in good way is for example, when people comment to each others’ videos or other updates by encouraging and inspirational way. I have noticed that nowaday’s children can also give and receive constructive feedback to each others for example in Youtube.

Good example on using social media in good way is also the sharing information in school environment. On many courses we have learned by sharing our own works to each others in Moodle and also by commenting to other’s works ang by giving feedback and advices to each others.  

Bad examples on using social media you can see sometimes when somebody comments badly in social community. Sometimes it seems that somebody just wants to throw up his/her own bad feelings to others by trying to upset another’s mind.



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Hi everyone!

Now I start to learn about social media and english with my new blog. I am learning these issues in OAMK. 

Lets learning to start and we will hear soon!