An self evaluation of my plan: 

  • Structure of the implementation:

The structure is consistent.

  • The needs of the selected target group:

As target group is organization/workplace in the public sector, the security of the social media-tool and the following the GDPR-rules are important.

  • How selected tools and environments fit together:

Advertising and promoting are not necessary in the public sector, but it is important to do teamwork and communicate and distribute the right information openly inside as well as outside the organization. 

As organization’s social media tools should be safe to use, the Teams and Yammer are good choices. Office 365 -tools has been proven safe to use, so Teams- and Yammer -tools are also safe to use.

Teams and Yammer are also versatile tools and easy to use. There is many possibilities to communicate and share information and files via Teams and Yammer. They are very good tools in teamwork and projects.

  • How to improve the content of the implementation in the future and what new ways there is to utilize Social media:

Maybe in the future the customer service can be done through social media. In social media the chatbots (robots) can answer to the customer’s repeated questions, so real employees get more time to answer to the customer’s new and difficult questions. Social media tools can be utilized for communication by writing (chatting) and also by videocontact.

Also in the future, organization can start using LinkedIn to help of recruiting and Twitter for sharing information.

  • Constraints between Social media and chosen organization:

As my organization is in public sector and there is also big issues with the security of data, it is not so simple to get social media in use. At first should make sure that using social media is datasafe. Using organization’s social media shoud be safe also when working outside of office.


Peer evaluation of two other blogs (done 4.8.2019):

  • I evaluated blog
  • I think the blog was very clear and nicely done. Sari has put a lot of work into the blog. 
  • The answers to learning assignments 1-4 can be found from the blog.
  • In my opinion Sari’s implementation plan is feasible. Plan’s name is "Extreme Crochets" and it’s made for preparing for participation in the Crochet 2020 Biennale in London September 2020. In the plan the association uses Trello for project management and planning, discussions and sharing, and Google Drive for saving and sharing files. Trello can be used either on the web or with a desktop or mobile application.
  • Also self-evaluation seems quite good to me. 



  • I also evaluated blog
  • I think this blog was also very consistent and properly done. Also Jussi has put a lot of work into the blog. 
  • The answers to the learning assignments 1-4 can be found from the blog.
  • Jussi's implementation plan was interesting: Succeeding as Content creator by using Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Yeah, it can be possible to succeed by help of these platforms. Some people have succeeded. It's important that the content is fascinating. 
  • Jussi's self-evaluation was missing.